Brand Name Supplements

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Brand name or store brand? Expensive, middle of the road, or cheap? Does cost make a difference? What all do I REALLY need? Here are a are a few things to look for when choosing your supplements and things to look for when determining if the extra cost of brand name supplements is worth it.

Preparing for Probiotics: How Ladies Can Benefit from Bacteria.

Choose to Be Healthy

Preparing for Probiotics:  How Ladies Can Benefit from Bacteria You hear it constantly, don’t you? Some form of “Take your vitamins!” or “Eat more vegetables!”  Imagine opening the front door to hear “Do you have a moment to discuss our favorite BCAAs?”

Synthetic vs Whole Food Vitamins, Which is Better?

Choose to Be Healthy

Most of us have been taught from a very early age how important nutrition is and told how taking vitamins are the best way to supplement the vitamins and minerals you aren’t getting enough of through diet alone. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as our education went on the subject of supplements and what we… Read more »

How Omega 3 Benefits Men’s Health

Choose to Be Healthy

It seems, every time you turn around there is an article, commercial, or news story about Omega-3 fatty acid and how good it is for you. But did you know why?  Let me break it down for you…

5 Reasons for Taking Whole Food Nutrients

5 Reasons for Taking Whole Food Nutrients   1. Efficient digestion is a tricky terrain to navigate.  Even when you are doing everything right, you can still feel “clogged.” Probiotics and an herbal laxative supplement can make a big difference in your regularity.  Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formulas is one of the most important and beneficial… Read more »