Founders Story

Back in the fall of 1994 after a routine visit to my urologist, I was informed that I had Prostate Cancer.  I went through the usual I guess, moods of being scared, angry and deeply puzzled as to WHY? Surgery had been scheduled for just after New Year’s 1995, when I talked with a good friend.  He introduced me to this very special and unique individual.  The first question that I was asked was, are you willing to radically change your lifestyle?  My answer without hesitation was, ABSOLUTELY! I truly believe that answer set the tone and the course for my sometimes lonely journey.  I chose not to have my prostate removed and so turned to alternative methods.  Faith in God, along with this individual’s caring and the sharing of his and other people’s knowledge, has helped to get me where I am today.  I have met so many wonderful people since those first days, who have shared information and guided me along the holistic wellness path.  I have continued to search and investigate all options, (AND THERE ARE MANY, DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE) in Alternative Medicine and I want to share with you those findings that have worked and continue to work for me.  The comments and suggestions that I put forth here are my own that have been handed down to me and is what I believe to be the truth, for the truth will set us free.

RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: I recommend juicing at least one meal each day.  I believe there are no magic bullets, but when going into battle against a serious illness, we must use every weapon that is available to us.  As a friend of mine commented to me.  The magic bullet is our immune system.  Now its up to us to strengthen that immune system in every way that we can.  I believe that there are just a few simple basic steps that will help ensure a healthy, quality life.



PURE WATER AND LIVE FOOD: Probably the most important single thing that we can do for our body is finding and drinking water that is pure as possible and chemical free.  Water is the element that permeates our body.  Nothing happens in the body that doesn’t happen in water.  Water is the largest carrier of disease that we have on the face of the earth, so we must always be on guard that we only make available to ourselves and our loved ones, the purest water possible.  I do not drink any tap water and strongly recommend others not using tap water.  I have a small under the counter reverse osmosis machine for home use.  When traveling I purchase distilled water.  One needs to flush the body with pure water as soon as ones feet hit the floor in the morning and one half hour before each meal, 24 oz for the average woman and 32 oz for the average man.

I try to juice each day, carrots, broccoli, celery, parsley and other fresh vegetables.  Organic when possible. I will wait at least one half hour before I eat anything else, so as to let the wonderful nutrients of the vegetables be assimilated in my body.  Raw vegetable juices nourish and rebuild our cells.  All fresh fruit is fantastic.  Again organic when possible.  When we eat raw food and juice raw vegetables, all of the vitamins and minerals remain intact.  All of the enzymes remain intact.  Enzymes are needed to perform all necessary functions in our body.  We all need that creative force that comes from live food. Every morning for the biggest part of my breakfast I take one heaping tablespoon of Mt. Capra Mineral Goat Whey, one heaping tablespoon of a powdered product called Renewal Greens from Innate Response.  I mix this with organic almond milk or pure water.  A very nutritious food combination, again all organic.

PROCESSED FOOD: I try my utmost to keep all processed foods in my diet to a minimum or better still, not at all.  The average American diet comes from cans, boxes and bottles.  All lifeless, for in order to extend shelf life, the processed food industry destroys the life force (enzymes) in the food so that it will not spoil. Good shelf life- Sorry, not for me.

From the book “When the Doctor Says It’s Cancer”. By Dr. Robert L. Erdmann, Ph.D. – Enzymes are special molecules made from amino acids that speed up the chemical reactions of the body and make life possible.  Every cell has thousands of enzymes to carry out its functions.  The body uses enzymes to speed the transfer of oxygen into the blood and carbon dioxide out of the blood.  These enzymes can complete 500,000 molecular transformations per second—very speedy.  Enzyme therapy has been and is being successfully applied in Germany. Most often in combination with other therapies.  Dr.Karl Ransberger and Dr. Wolf wrote a book in 1974 on enzyme therapy showing that this type of therapy was about 70% successful in its treatment of cancer.  The proteolytic enzymes, WOBENZYMN N discussed in the books most frequently in connection with cancer therapy are chymotrypsin and trypsin.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics: Developed by Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira Probiotics will be the medicine in the twenty-first century as antibiotics and microbiology were in the twentieth. Physicians on the front line of medical practice increasingly recognize the limitations and complications of conventional approaches of medical practices, only one of which is the overuse of antibiotics.  This is the story of how Iichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D. (with an eminent advisory professor and a team of distinguished research scientists at Okayama University in Japan) researched and developed a high-tech dietary supplement formulated to restore and maintain a healthy immune system and promote good health. ) OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT / d-LENOLATEBy East Park Research, Inc.  Even when we are free from disease, our bodies play host to millions of microorganisms.  In most cases, the microorganisms and human cells are in a state of peaceful coexistence. When the immune system becomes weakened, these microorganisms can turn pathologic.  Then the problem begins and disease is likely.  Family and friends who have gotten a bug have found that East Parks Olive Leaf extract (d-LENOLATE) really does work.

EXCERISE AND OXYGEN: I will do my walking every morning, rain or shine.  I walk at a brisk pace breathing deeply to bring oxygen into my body.  Unless the oxygen gets to the cells it does not help the fight against cancer.  By improving our circulation, we help the oxygen get to those cells. Ideally one should exercise vigorously an hour each day, depending on age and one’s overall condition.  Always recommend checking with your health care provider before any strenuous exercise and always in moderation. Swimming is one of the finest ways to exercise, with no stress on the joints, just great for overall conditioning. In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Peace Prize two times for medicine, based on his research findings on the importance of oxygen to cellular life. If there is a lack of oxygen at the cellular level, no life process can take place and the cell dies. Damaged cells can only multiply and form growths in the human body when the cells are oxygen-deficient. .

SPIRITUAL AWARENESS: The following is an excerpt from the Introduction to the book “Where There Is Light” by Paramahansa Yoganananda, that I believe sums up my thoughts on (Spiritual Awareness).  As our world civilization moves into the twenty-first century, our greatest cause for optimism is the emerging recognition of the underlying oneness of life.  Humanity’s loftiest spiritual traditions have taught for centuries that our lives are integral parts of a universal whole; today they are being joined by physicists, the new visionaries, who are proclaiming that one cord of unity links the farthest galaxies with the smallest cells of our bodies.  And as their findings begin to coalesce with those of biology, medicine, psychology, ecology, and other fields, we find ourselves poised on the brink of a revolution in human understanding—catching glimpses of a unity and harmony so vast, so breathtakingly perfect, that we are left with a radically different view of ourselves and our potentials.  This new vision offers a deep sense of reassurance in the face of the profound challenges confronting our world today. We are beginning to see that we are not helpless victims of a randomly chaotic cosmos.  Diseases of body and mind; the equally alarming , dis-eases affecting our family, social, and economic stability; the ecological threats to the earth itself– all these arise from a lack of accord with the essential harmony and unity of the cosmos, whether on the personal, community, national, or planetary level.  By learning to integrate our lives with this universal harmony, we can victoriously meet any challenge to our well-being.  I urge you to purchase this paperback book at your local bookstore. SUMMARY: By sharing a few thoughts and ideas that have simply been passed on to me over the last ten years, it is my hope the information contained in this web site will help you to take responsibility for your own health.  I have made available on the internet, those products that I use and will make other fine products available as the weeks and months go by.

CHOOSE TO BE HEALTHY, I did and so can you!

A man asked God, How much time do I have before I die? He replied, -enough time to make a difference.- Anonymous T

Thomas Edison said, “The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame. In diet and in the prevention of disease.”

Another thought on the physicians of the future. This was shared with me by a friend. “I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW, UNTIL I SEE HOW MUCH YOU CARE”


I would welcome your thoughts, comments or questions.

Sincerely, Chuck Wagner