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Cancer Matters? History Matters!

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Cancer matters? History matters! This past weekend a television broadcast ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ was simulcast by all of the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) as well as the cable E!Entertainment channel. Hollywood celebrities and industry-execs also joined in the effort. It was urged that a ‘Manhattan Project’ approach be used to find the… Read more »

Recommended by Chris Barr

Chris Barr has investigated and applied research in nutrition through four decades. He has been in chromium research through three decades. He has instructed doctors on nutrition in both a classroom setting and in private consultations. Chris Barr writes a regular weekly newspaper column on health issues, and is a frequent guest on the Robert… Read more »

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Following is the introduction to ‘CHROMIUM: … Sparkling health for your life and living!’ … All that glitters is not gold Chromium glitters, too. If it is true that good health is worth more than great wealth then chromium is more valuable than gold. Within the dark recesses of the womb, egg and sperm unite,… Read more »

Naturally Speaking

By Christopher C. Barr Worse than ‘Made in China’? Repeated recalls of goods ‘Made in China’ due to potentially dangerous health problems have been made in recent weeks, months, and the better part of a year.  There have been no human casualties from these Chinese products though some pets have died. This week a new… Read more »