5 Reasons for Taking Whole Food Nutrients

5 Reasons for Taking Whole Food Nutrients   1. Efficient digestion is a tricky terrain to navigate.  Even when you are doing everything right, you can still feel “clogged.” Probiotics and an herbal laxative supplement can make a big difference in your regularity.  Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formulas is one of the most important and beneficial… Read more »

Getting Enough Selenium

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Getting Enough Selenium   As a nutritional trace element, Selenium forms an essential part of our diet.  In collaboration with the International Agency of Research on Cancer, researchers from Berlin have been able to show that high blood Selenium levels are associated with decreased risk of developing liver cancer.  In addition to other risks factors,… Read more »

5 Essential Vitamins for Winter Health

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Winter brings less sunlight, more time indoors, joint pain, sniffles, coughs, and just basically an energy-draining cycle of blah.  It’s no secret that more people suffer from depression and get sick more easily in the winter.   But it doesn’t have to be that way!  You can enjoy hot cider, time with friends and family,… Read more »

Answers to cancers By NotADoc

Answers to cancers “Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers,” the bold headline read last month from New Scientist magazine. There has been “an unprecedented amount of interest in this story from readers,” according to their Internet web site. The drug is noted as “easy to manufacture and dirt cheap”due to it not being patented. “Love… Read more »

Chris Barr Interview Pt4: Silica

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I interviewed NotADoc AKA Chris Barr on the benefits Silica and the impact it has on bones, joints, heart muscles, the brain, and more.  Chris explains why it is an essential nutrient and which brand is more effective than almost all other brands on the market today.  So let’s dive in!