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By Christopher C. Barr

Worse than ‘Made in China’?

Repeated recalls of goods ‘Made in China’ due to potentially dangerous health problems have been made in recent weeks, months, and the better part of a year.  There have been no human casualties from these Chinese products though some pets have died.

This week a new report noted both injuries and deaths from consumer drugs had almost tripled the better part of ten years from 1998 to 2005.  The drugs involved are all ‘FDA Approved’.

This nearly tripling of both injuries and deaths from ‘FDA Approved’ drugs comes during a time of heightened awareness of the problem.  The seriousness of this problem was noted in 2000 by an advisory report to the federal government by the Institute of Madnessedicine – a medical group highly regarded (by fools).

The drug injuries and deaths rate increased four times faster than the rate of increase for drug prescriptions.

‘Made in China’ goods have been cited for potential harm to humans with that potential being realized in pets.  ‘FDA Approved’ drugs have resulted in real harm to humans – including death – at a rate more than a thousand fold greater.

‘FDA Approved’ is held up as some sort of assurance of safety (by the brainwashed).  Should this claim be superimposed upon a red flag?

Nutrient claims sometimes carry a notation ‘Statement not approved by the FDA’ listed as ‘disclaimer’.  Should this actually be seen as a badge of honor?

One of the three main reasons cited by the recent study authors for the dramatic, dangerous increase is diabetic drugs – ‘FDA Approved’.

The mineral chromium in the right form (100% whole food, grown varieties) and the right amount (100 micrograms three or four times daily) is both safe and effective for reducing blood sugar problems (and other problems as well) though this is a ‘Statement not approved by the FDA’.

The official FDA response to the report about these dangerous increases in drug reactions is that the reason “is not completely known”.  In other words they are not going to take responsibility and take their medicine for these problems.

Maybe the FDA is not taking their medicine because they know better?

Whether the FDA is blind to the truth or lying about it either of these are good reasons to issue a major recall of the broken-beyond-repair FDA.

‘FDA Approved’ is now the English colloquial equivalent of the classic Latin phrase ‘Caveat emptor’ – ‘Buyer beware’.


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