Cancer Matters? History Matters!

Innate Selenium

Cancer matters? History matters!

This past weekend a television broadcast ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ was simulcast by all of the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) as well as the cable E!Entertainment channel. Hollywood celebrities and industry-execs also joined in the effort.

It was urged that a ‘Manhattan Project’ approach be used to find the cancer answer.

“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is a well known quote from a not so well known 19th century statesman and philosopher.

Known and not so well known is a relevant contrast when it comes to cancer and history matters.

Déjà vu

The Manhattan Project (MP) gathered scientists to work intently together instead of individually competing to bring about the atomic bomb for World War II. Success was achieved in only a few years.

The MP was cited almost 20 years later as inspiration for the Apollo Project (AP) to place a man on the moon. Success was achieved within that same decade.

Neil Armstrong walked upon the moon in 1969 early in the Nixon Administration. President Nixon then drew upon the excitement generated from this with his declaration of ‘War on Cancer’ at the end of 1971. Comparison to both the MP and the AP were made.

(This declaration was made at the cusp of the entrance into the 1972 presidential campaign with the first primary on the horizon so ‘political ploy’ comes to mind.)

The stated goal of the War on Cancer was for a cure of cancer to be found in time for the national bicentennial five years later in 1976.

Cancer and cancer deaths increased every year for the five years through the bicentennial with no sign of a cure for cancer in sight by the mainstream, medical establishment.

One historical perspective to the matter

Would the war in Iraq have continued if after five years the deaths of U.S. soldiers increased every year with no solution in sight?

The War on Cancer has been far more costly fiscally and physically than the war in Iraq – and continues that trend.

In the War on Cancer the increase in cancer and cancer deaths continued annually for more than 30 years. Almost 40 years later there is still no cure in sight.

Trillion$ of dollar$ have been spent with no end in sight.

At the time of the completion date five years later that had been initially proposed for the War on Cancer there was only an utter, dismal failure. Those words were not uttered and the program continued unfettered.

Twenty years later there was not one, single, incurable cancer that had become curable after the War on Cancer was declared according to cancer specialist and State University of New York professor Dr. Albert Braverman, M.D.

Parallel historical perspective to the matter

During the initially declared period of the War on Cancer a variety of researchers discovered that selenium levels were an accurate gauge for breast cancer levels.

Those with the highest selenium levels had the lowest breast cancer levels in a listing of 27 industrialized nations of the world. Those with the lowest selenium levels had the highest breast cancer levels.

Just after the initially proposed five year completion date of the War on Cancer it was noted that if every woman in America took a 200 microgram daily supplement of selenium then breast cancer rates would dramatically decline in the space of a few years according to Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer, M.D., cancer specialist and California State University School of Medicine professor of Medical Chemistry. Dr. Schrauzer subsequently chaired two world conferences on selenium and cancer.

[Selenium had been noted almost half a century earlier to have effectiveness against breast cancer in the British Medical Journal.]

Twenty years later a large, decade long double-blind, clinical study – the gold standard of modern medi$in – cited a greater than 50 per cent reduction in total cancers in those using Schrauzer’s recommended 200 micrograms daily supplement of selenium. However, the researchers did use a much more potent 100 per cent whole food grown variety of selenium that had not yet been available at the time Schrauzer made his initial recommendation.

Medical insanity

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result.

After thirty years of abject failure medical apologists at the highest levels finally backed away from the MP and AP comparisons. The new story line was that all the necessary information was available but just not yet figured out at the time of the MP and AP programs. It was asserted that all the necessary information was not available to cure cancer. Just keep those checks comin’ …

Are these medical apologists and their medical cohorts excuse makers or co-conspirators of fraud and even of homicide of at least the negligent variety? Perhaps they can use an insanty defense?

Nutrition solution

It has been almost 100 years since the effectiveness of selenium in the treatment of cancer was first noted.

The necessary knowledge has been available since before the last century in the massive volumes of collected works from Dr. Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp, M.D., Ph.D.

It has been almost three quarters of a century since microscopic and clinical documentation of the works of Béchamp regarding cancer by Royal Raymond Rife.

The work of Rife has been medically panned as inaccurate only by those who never examined or tested it. It was verified in every instance by those who examined and tested that work including doctors of the Mayo Clinic, the University of Southern California, and the Scripps clinic.

Reality TV?

The ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ television broadcast hauled the MP comparison back out of the closet and called for more money to be thrown down the medical rats’ holes. A false reality by any truthful measure …

CBS News’ Katie Couric addressed brain tumors.

CoEnzymeQ10 (CoQ10 or ubiquinone) has shown great promise with brain tumors. The body makes its own CoQ10 from selenium – unless you are taking a statin drug (another huge fraud) which prevents selenium from producing CoQ10.

ABC News’ Charles Gibson addressed breast cancer citing a wife who “has gone through a bout of it.”

There is an overwhelming amount of data on the benefit of selenium with regard to breast cancer prevention and treatment though there is an underwhelming amount of coverage – usually none at all.

NBC News’ Brian Williams said, “Given my family history, it’s not a question of will I have cancer, but in what form and when.”

Somebody should tell Williams that there is documentation that just 200 micrograms of 100 per cent whole food selenium daily resulted in more than 50 per cent total cancer incidence and mortality. That means less cancer rather than more with selenium so cancer is not a foregone conclusion due to genetics.

There was a 57 per cent reduction of colon cancer in the selenium study at the very same time that the husband of Couric was dying from colon cancer.

There was a 63 per cent reduction of prostate cancer in the selenium study. The closest any medical option has come is a 25 per cent reduction though that drug study was filled with side effects – including death – while the selenium study was filled only with benefits and absent any side effects.

Picture worth a thousand words?

The photo used to promote the ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ broadcast showed the three news anchors all sitting down.

Sitting down on the job? Saying one thing while doing another? Talk about confusion …

All the necessary information available for prevention and treatment of cancer is abundant. It is absent only in the medical realm for there is not – and never will be – a medical solution to a non-medical issue.

History matters when it comes to cancer matters. It is a matter of combined medical and criminal negligence by the unholy trinity of BIG government, BIG pharma and BIG media that acts together as one for its own fiscal interests at the extreme expense of you and your fiscal and physical interests.

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