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Chris Barr has investigated and applied research in nutrition through four decades. He has been in chromium research through three decades. He has instructed doctors on nutrition in both a classroom setting and in private consultations. Chris Barr writes a regular weekly newspaper column on health issues, and is a frequent guest on the Robert Scott Bell’s popular radio program. Chris Barr has become an expert in the field of chromium research, food grown nutrients, and the health benefits these elements can have on the body.

Chris Barr states, “The simple and tragic fact of the matter is that chromium deficiency has been a serious problem in America for many decades. Chromium deficiency has become more chronic with each passing decade. Chromium deficiency is still getting worse in this decade and has reached a crisis state in the United States today.

In addition to chromium, most people are also severely deficient in other important elements such as selenium and magnesium because their diets consist of far too many processed foods stripped of nutrition. Trying to obtain the necessary elements your body requires from the dietary supplements has been a big problem because very few are in a food grown state that can be utilized effectively at the cellular level.

Those who introduced me to the subject of nutrition emphasized the superiority of “natural” and that nutrients from food were provided by the Almighty in different forms than those synthesized (or SINthesized ) by man. The difference was not limited to form, but to function as well. Though the instruction received was truth, I quickly learned that the products provided did not meet the standards spoken of by those doing the teaching time and time again.

In all my years in the nutritional field, I have never witnessed a single element do more for people’s health problems than I have with chromium. It has been astounding. Grown chromium supplementation is the best option to make up for a lifetime of poor dietary habits. Grown chromium supplements are the only ones that are truly effective in restoring levels of this sparkling mineral more precious than gold to you health.”

Choose To Be Healthy is proud to carry products by Innate Response that Chris Barr recommends, such as the Chromium, Selenium Magnesium and Folate B 6 and B12, all from 100% Whole Food.

Food grown nutrients are those nutrients that are biologically grown in a food source and contain accessory nutritive factors. Food derived nutrients are those extracted breaking molecular bonds and leaving behind accessory nutrients factors, as well as breaking molecular bonds.

Most chromium supplements on the market today, such as Chromium picolinate, are synthetic and can be toxic to the body. Innate Response manufactures one the the only “food grown” chromium supplements on the market. This product is highly recommended by Chris Barr.

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