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Selenium One Cancer Answer


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NEWtrition & YOU a primer for life About SELENIUM One Cancer Answer 100 years and counting by NotADoc Chir Barr

SELENIUM: “One Cancer Answer 100 yeasrs and Counting” documents a full century filled with successes for both treatment and prevention of cancer with the trace mineral nutritional element selenium in this its centennial year of 2011.
The sad, sullen saga of selenium slander is also documented, and how this has kept–and continues to keep –the knowledge of its great benefits virtually unknown even within the nutrition and alternative healing communities.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: NotADoc is nutritional historian who has been investigating and applying research in nutrition through five decades.  He has been involved with selenium research throughout this period of time.

He has insrtucted doctors on nutrition in both a classroom setting and private consultations.  His background includes print and broadcast media, also frequently guesting on radio programs as well as hosting his own radio broadcasts.  He also made an appearance on the CBS Evening News as a health expert.

His VOICE OF CHANGE daily radio broadcasts have been shining the bright light of truth through the darkness over the past two decades.

Naturally Speaking weekly newspaper columns have also been enjoyed by many through two decades and has been published from coast to coast.

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